Cougar Running
Team and Personal Goals, Hard Work, Success

* Mission Statement And Goals


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Coronado High School Cross Country program is to create an accepting, supportive, and positive environment that engenders growth in each individual. The focus of our daily behavior is to promote success and achievement for every athlete while providing them with the opportunity, skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to become successful and productive runners/citizens.

Goals: *

Each member of the Coronado Cross Country team will:

1. Diligently strive to better their physical strength and fitness level primarily through daily running, and to promote a lifestyle and attitude of physical fitness.

2. Make every effort to contribute to an environment of pervasive caring for others and themselves, so that each athlete’s mental and social well being is improved.

3. Attempt to contribute to the highest level of regional and State championship success for themselves and their team.

*No single goal is independent or more important than any other